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Carl Larsson Hassel

Carl was born on June 22, 1845, in a cottage on Hasselmarkens properties in Visnums-Kils parish, Värmland County. His parents were the crofter Lars Andersson and his wife Cajsa Persdotter.

At that time the family was poor and they lived on "poverty funds". From 1846 it is listed in church records that "poverty funds" were distributed to the children. This happened for about 10 years. When his father died in 1852 the life became even harder for the family and from 1856 the family was noted as "paupers". At that time the family consisted of his mother and his four siblings.

Carl lived with his mother until 1861, when he sixteen-year old moved to one of the farms in Åserud in the same parish, to work as a farmhand for Niklas Svensson. He stayed there to the following year. In 1862 he got a place as a farmhand for the widow Anna Maria Olsdotter on one of the farms in Hasselmarken in the same parish. He stayed there for two years.

In 1864 he got a place as a farmhand to the crofter Carl Carlsson at the farm Medskogen Nilstorp in the same parish. The following year he moved back to Åserud to work as a farmhand to Olof Petersson, and two years later, in 1867, he returned as a farmhand to the crofter Carl Carlson, who then lived in a cottage on Åserud properties. This time he stayed with Carl Carlson for two years, until 1869, when he was got a job as a farmhand to Anders Eliasson on Hasselmarken.

The following year, in 1870, he got a place as a farmhand to the farmer and churchwarden John Olsen on the farm Jernstad also in Visnums-Kil parish. He stayed there until 1872.

On September 8, 1872 it was called to marriage with the maid Anna Stina Andersdotter from the farm Nynäs in the same parish. Anna Stina was born on August 13, 1842, in Södra Råda parish, Skaraborgs County. The ceremony took place on October 27, most likely in Visnums-Kil church. After the marriage, they moved together on the farm Räntan in the same parish. Carl was named as "laborer" and he was still called Carl Larsson.

The following year, 1873, the family moved to the small village of Björneborg in Visnums parish. There Carl got a job as a cab woker and the family live in an apartment in a house in Björneborg called "Klostret" (the Monastery).

From 1881 he had added the name Hassel and he was listed in church records as "Cab worker Carl Larsson Hassel". (See 1890 census).

On September 8, 1901 his wife Anna Stina died. Together with her he had six children.

The following year, on August 23 1902, he married Sofia Johansson. They got married in Visnums parish. Carl was 57 years old and Sofia 29 years old. After the wedding Sofia moved in with Carl in his apartment in the house “Klostret” in Björneborg. Together with his second wife he had two more children, Karl Johan and Gustaf Adolf.

The family in 1918.

Carl and his son Karl. About 1904.
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Sofia, Carl and the son Karl. About 1906.
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Carl died in Björneborg, Visnums parish, June 11 1929, at the age of 84. He was buried on June 16, 1929 in the cemetery at Visnums church.

Gravestone at Visnums church.

Children with Anna Stina Andersdotter:
  • Carl Edward, * August 28, 1873, Visnums-Kil, † November 22, 1875, Björneborg.
  • Carl Wilhelm, * March 28, 1876, Björneborg. 1)
  • Peter Anders, * October 16, 1878, Björneborg. 2)
  • Carl Henning, * March 5, 1882, Björneborg. 3)
  • Anna Mathilda, * February 17, 1885, Björneborg, † March 9, 1890, Björneborg.
  • Axel Leonard, * December 19, 1888, Björneborg. 4)

    1) Emigrated to America, August 8, 1899.
    2) Emigrated to America, August 5, 1905.
    3) Moved to Sura parish, July 3, 1907.
    4) Moved to Karlskoga, December 12, 1912.

    Carl W Hassel and Anders P Hassel who emigrated to America.

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