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Augusta Bergström

Augusta was born on August 10 1859. She was the second child of the baker Gustaf Bergström and his wife Carolina. The family lived at this time at the address Bondegatan 15 in Katarina congregation in Stockholm. In the same house her father had his bakery.

She was baptised, by Perpetual curate Ofer, the day after her birth to the names Carolina Augusta. Wittnesses were "The widdow A C Bergström and maid Maria Lilja".

Augusta lived at home until she was 21 years old in 1880. Her father
had died seven years earlier and her mother had remarried in 1877 to Per August Josephsson.

On October 10 this year, 1880, she got married in Katarina church in Stockholm to the Innkeeper Carl Johansson from the city of Solna. Later the same year they moved together on the address Gotgatan 25 in Katarina congregation in Stockholm. For her help with the home they had, according to the churchbooks from 1881, two maids living with them.

On May 29 the following year, 1881, their first child was born, the son Carl Evald. He died only 21 days old on June 19.

On November 28 the same year Ausgusta and her husband Carl moved to Bromma just outside Stockholm and the address Fridhem number 27. Here they only stayed for five months, on May 10 1882 they moved to the small village Vretstorp in Viby parish, Orebro county. Her husband Carl became Innkeeper at the hotel in Vretstorp. The family settled down on the farm Sällerhög on Skäfveds properties.

The same year, on August 5 1882, their second child was born, the son Karl Evald Hugo. Three years later, on February 7 1885, their third son was born, Karl Oskar Gunnar.

Shortly after the birth of Gunnar Augusta got sick and died on May 5, only 25 years and 8 months old. She died from bad heart and bad stomach. She left her two sons, the youngest only three monts old, to her husband Carl who now had to take care of them on his own.

  • Carl Evald, * 29 May 1881, Katarina, Stockholm. † 19 June 1881, Katarina, Stockholm.
  • Karl Evald Hugo, * 5 August 1882, Viby.
  • Karl Oskar Gunnar, * 7 February 1885, Viby.

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