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Eric Wahlström

Two years after the wedding, in 1783, between the miner Pehr Wahlström and the maidservant Britta Andersdotter Buss, their first child was born on October 25, 1785. The child was a son named Eric. Pehr and Britta were at the time living at Britta's parents' farm on Åknarby property in Dannemora parish, Uppsala county.

Three days after the birth, Eric was baptized. At the baptizm the following persons were noted down as godfathers: "Minehand Jan Buss Grytiom, farmhand Jan Wenberg at Åknarby properties, Mrs Caisa Andersdotter, the maidservant Anna Andersdotter from Grytiom".

Eric lived the whole childhood at the home in Åknarby, along with his two years younger brother Anders.

When he was 18 years old, in 1804, he left home. He went to work as a farmhand for the tenant farmer Erik Matson on his farm Tomta in Rasbo parish. He stayed as a farmhand on Tomta for the following four years.

He was still working for Eric Matson when the war with Russia broke out in 1808. On March 29 that year, he was choosen to become a soldier. He was to join the newly formed Battalion of 30.000 men which was formed to strengthen the Swedish army. He had to leave for Enköping where he was going to get some training. After a short time, all of the soldiers were shipped, via Åland, to the war in Finland.

Eric lived through the whole war and after its end, in 1809, he returned home. He didn't return to Tomta though, but to his parents in Åknarby in Dannemora parish. In the Dannemora parish catechetical meeting books there is written about Eric: "was a soldier but, remained in fine condition and health".

After his return, he began to work in the mines. He became, like his brother, his father, grandfather and great grandfather, a miner.

In the year 1814, Eric's father died. His mother continued to live at Åknarby with her sons. Neither of the sons were yet married.

Some time during the following years Eric met the smith's daughter, Greta Söderberg, who was eight years younger than he. She become his first wife. After they had asked to have the banns published on September 13, 20 and 27, 1818, they got married in Film's church on October 11. At the time, Greta was working as a maidservant at Österbybruk, the big foundry. Eric was 33 years old when he married the first time.

In the marriagebook in Film's parish in the year 1818, there is written: "Wahlström was according to given attest, born in October 25, 1785, had defensible knowleage in Christianity and is a harmonic man and free to marriage". He also brought mineinspector J Beronii's written permission. Marriageman: father Henning Söderberg from Söderskogen. Ch 18 Skl.

After the marriage, Eric and Greta came to live on her parents' farm in Söderskogen in Film's parish. At Söderskogen were now living, along with Eric and Greta, also her parents, the smith Henning Söderberg and his wife Catarina Bouvird, and some of Greta's brothers and sisters.

In January 1821, their first child was born. The child was a daughter named Katarina Gustava. She died, of chestache, in October the same year. Greta was then already pregnant again and in the end of January, 1822, she had their second child, the son Per. In February the next year their third child was born. He was named Eric Gustaf. Their fourth child, the son Anders, was born in August 1824. He died only ten months old, in June 1825. Two years later, in May 1827, one more child was born, a son named Johan.

Greta had by 1827 borne five children; one daughter and four sons, and of these three sons were alive. During the following six years she had three more sons. All of them. though, died in infancy. The first of them was Carl, born in October 1828. He died on Christmas day the same year. The two others were Anders, born in September 1831, died in October the same year, and Klas, born in January 1834 and died only two days old. Greta was, when the last child was born, over 40 years old.

Two years later, on November 16, 1836, Greta died of consumption. She was only 44 years old. Eric, became a widower and had to take care of his three sons on his own.

During the following years , Eric continued to live on Söderskogen with his three sons. All of them had started to work as miners. In that year he met the 24-years-younger maidservant and miner's daughter, Maria Moberg. She was, at the time, in service for Adolf Nordström, who lived at Gruvan, (the mine), in Film's parish. Maria became, later that year, his second wife.

For his further destinies, look at Maria Moberg at the mark +

Children with his first wife, Greta Söderberg:

  • Katarina Gustava, * 1 January 1821, Film. † 10 October 1821, Film.
  • Per Henric, * 31 January 1822, Film. 1)
  • Eric Gustaf, * 8 February 1823, Film. 2)
  • Anders, * 10 August 1824, Film. † 7 June 1825, Film.
  • Johan "Jan", * 22 May 1827, Film. † 8 June 1859, Film. 3)
  • Carl, * 14 October 1828, Film. † 24 December 1828, Film.
  • Anders, * 26 September 1831, Film. † 14 October 1831, Film.
  • Klas, * 21 January 1834, Film. † 23 January 1834, Film.

    1) In 1852 Per Henric got married in Films parish to Anna Catharina (Jansdr) Söderberg, born September 2 1825 in Alunda. They had two children who both died young. Johan Henric, born September 23 1854 at Söderskogen, Films parish, died July 12 1865, and Carl Petter born January 28 1858 at Söderskogen, Films parish, died November 21 1861. On August 6 1883 they moved from Söderskogen to Klapp in Dannemora parish. There his wife died later that year, on October 14 1883. Per Henric moved on December 1 1884 to "The mine" in Dannemora where he lived until he died on November 24 1887.

    2) In 1839 Eric Gustaf moved to his Uncle and his wife in Åknarby Gruvdrängsrote in Dannemora parish, the mine hand Anders Wahlström and Brita Elisabeth Löf (daughter to Eric Löf and his second wife Brita Andersdotter). His Uncle and his wife did not have any children of their own. Eric Gustaf stayed at Anders and Brita Elisabeth house also after he got married ca 1855 to Anna Maria Persdotter, born September 7 1829 in Vendels parish. Eric Gustaf and Anna Maria lived there even after his Uncle Anders and his wife had died in January 16 1859 and in November 25 1862. Eric Gustaf and Anna Maria had five sons, Per Erik, December 10 1855, Gustav, September 8 1858, died March 3 1859, Anders Gustaf, March 12 1860, Johan, June 24 1863 and Carl Henrik, February 16 1867. On February 15 1870 Eric Gustaf died and his wife was left alone with their four sons. She styed in Åknarby Gruvdrängsrote after the death of her husband. On April 25 1880 her son Anders Gustaf emigrated alone via Göteborg to St Joseph, Indiana, USA. In the folowing year, on April 6 1881 her sons Per Erik and Johan emigrated via Göteborg to St Louis, Missouri, USA. Three years later also Anna Maria och her youngest son Carl Henrik emigranted to USA. In the church books we see that they left Dannemora on April 23 1884 and left from Malmö on May 5 th with destination New York. The whole family had now emigrated to USA!

    Per Wahlström
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    In August 2008 I received a photo from my cousin David Kearley in Sewannee, Tennesee, USA. David´s great grandfather was Anders Wahlström, son of Eric Wahlström, who was born in 1841. He had emigrated to USA with his family in 1870. (see Edit Marie Edgars Family History and Descendents to Eric Wahlström and Maria Moberg.) The photo was in a belongings after his Aunt Ruth Nelson and is a photo of Eric Gustaf´s son Per Erik Wahlström, called "Per". The photo was taken in Bonne Terre, Missouri, in 1881. In Edit Marie Edgar Family Historik there is a part that tells us about how her family had contact with cousins in Illinois. Maybe that was this family. See that part! Maybe Per Wahlström also worked in the mines in Bonne Terre as his fathers half-brother Anders Wahlström did. See how the two families that emigrated was related to eachother, click here!. Per Wahlström who is in the photo is in blue color. Today no one knows anything about this family.

    3) Johan moved from Söderskogen when he in 1857 married the widdow Anna Maja Grönblad at Åknarby in Dannemora parish. She was born on February 22 1824 in Dannemora and was the widdow after the minehand Johan Morberg who had died on August 27 1856. From that marriage she had three children. On December 18 1857 their first and only child was born in Åknarby, Dannemora, the daughter Charlotta. Anna Maja and Johan was only married a short time as he died on June 8 1857. Charlotta grew up with her mother who remarried. In 1870 Charlotta moved with her older harlf-sister Margareta Morberg to Films parish. No more is known about her life.

    Descendants to Eric Wahlström och Maria Moberg.

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