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Eric Moberg

He was born on October 10, 1752, in Andersby in Dannemora parish, Uppsala county.

He moved in his teens to Lena parish, Uppsala county. There he met the girl that later was to be his wife, Maria Olofsdotter. Both returned to Andersby in the beginning of the 1770's. Erik worked, like his father, in the mine as a minehand.

In the year 1788 his wife Maria died in childbed. They had three children before her death. Erik remarried in December the same year. His second wife was Caisa Pärsdotter. In this marriage he had four children. In the year 1799 he was once again a widower as his wife died of colic.

The following year, Eric married for the third time. The third wife was Christina Pehrsdotter from Morkarla parish. She was a maidservant in Andersby at the time. They had three children together. In the year 1821 his third wife, Catharina, died of consumption, and Erik became, for the third time a widower.

Six years after the death of his last wife, on August 23, 1827, Erik died. He was 75 years old. He died on the farm he had lived on all his life in Andersby properties in Dannemora parish. He died of ageweakness.

Children with his second wife, Caisa Pärsdotter:
  • Peter, * 13 July 1790, Dannemora.
  • Anna Caisa, * 17 March 1793, Dannemora.
  • Brita, * 20 September 1795, Dannemora. † 11 December 1795, Dannemora.
  • Johan, * 7 February 1797, Dannemora.

    Children with his third wife, Christina Pehrsdotter:

  • Gustaf, * 11 February 1801, Dannemora. † 26 April 1810, Dannemora.
  • Stina Greta, * 26 April 1803, Dannemora.
  • Brita Maria, * 4 April 1806, Dannemora.

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