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Britta Magnusdotter

Britta was born at the farm Sjöstad in Alsters parish, Värmlands county, on April 7 1799. Her parents were the farmer Magnus Stephansson and his wife Stina Hindriksdotter.

At the death of her father, in December 1823, Britta took over the farm as beeing the oldest daughter. On June 26 1824 she got married to Petter Jonsson, who two years earlier had moved to the farm to work as a farmhand.

Britta run the farm until 1832, when she and the children moved with her husband to his fathers farm Ås in the same parish.

In Ås she lived until she died, 57 years old, on January 23 1857. She was buried on February 8. By that time Britta had been a widdow for four years. After Brittas death the farm was taken over by her youngest daughter Johanna and her husband Christer Wahlund.

  • Christina, * 7 September 1825, Alster.
  • Anna, * 27 December 1828, Alster. † 6 October 1841, Alster.
  • Johanna, * 11 February 1837, Alster.

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