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Margareta Jonsdotter

She was born on January 12 1751, most likely on the farm Forsnäs in Nyeds parish, Värmlands county. Her parents were the farmer Jean Eriksson and his wife Kierstin Månsdotter.

In 1770 she worked as a maid for Mr Erik Frisell on the farm Fagerås in Frykeruds parish, Värmlands county. There she worked until 1783, when she, on November 11, got married to the farmhand Nils Svensson from one of the farms in Lene in the same parish.

After the wedding she moved to her husband in Lene and they settled on the farm that was owned by the farmer Jonas Olofsson.

From the year 1784 in her husband a farmer on one of the farms in Lene.

Margareta lived in Lene for the rest of her life and died, only 52 years old, on September 2 1803. She was buried on September 11.

  • Cajsa, * 2 January 1785, Frykerud.
  • Britta, * 17 October 1788, Frykerud.
  • Catharina, * 24 September 1791, Frykerud.

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