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Anders Gustavsson

Anders was born on October 3 1727 on the farm Valtorp in Nedre Ulleruds parish, Värmlands county. He was the first child of the farmer Gustaf Andersson and his wife Anna Olofsdotter.

On October 27, 1751, he married the maid Ingerid Olofsdotter from the farm Ängsnäs in the same parish. At that time he was still living on the farm, Valtorp, on which he had grown up. He gave his wife "20 lod silver" as a morning gift.

It is likely that he and his wife first settled on the farm from where she came from, Ängsnäs, but shortly after moved back to the farm Valtorp. Also living at Valtorp at that time was his grandmother on his mothers´s side Karin Andersdotter.

In March 1779 his wife died and he became a widower. He stayed on the farm and took it over from his father when the latter died in 1788.

Most likely he lived on the farm Valtorp in Nedre Ulleruds parish for the rest of his life. He died around the year 1794. No exact date for his death has yet been found.

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