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Olof Bengtsson

Olof was born on May 9 in the year of 1718 in Bäckelid in Väse parish, Värmlands county. His parents were the farmer Bengt Andersson and his wife Maria Olofsdottter.

1741 he married the seven years older widdow Gunila Svensdotter. Most likely they married in Väse church.

In 1741 they moved to the farm Bjurerud in Alsters parish, Värmlands county.

In the year 1751 the family moved to the farm Hasselbol in the same parish. Here they stayed for the following 14 years, until the year 1764, when they moved back to Bjurerud.

He lived on Bjurerud until he died, on May 25 1782, 64 years old. At that time he had been a widower for nine years. He was buried on June 9.

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