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Ingiärd Eriksdotter

She was born in 1692, most likely in Östra Fågelviks parish, Värmlands county.

By the time she married her first husband, the farmhand Stephan Nilsson from the farm Flatvik in Östra Fågelviks parish, she lived on the farm Lund in the same parish. After the wedding she moved to her husband in Flatvik. Ingiärd and Stephan had six children.

On January 24 in the year 1727, Stephan died and Ingiärd became a widdow.

Three years later, on June 9 1730, she married again, that time to the farmhand Måns Johansson, also from the farm Flatvik. On March 16 1733 their son was born, named Staffan.

The following year, on October 29 1734, she became a widdow for the second time as her husband died. Ingiärd and her sons stayed at the farm and later it was taken over by the oldest son Nils.

She lived in Flatvik until she died, 77 years old, on July 5 1766. She died from "ache in the stomach" and was buried on July 13.

Children with Stephan Nilsson:
  • Nils, * 10 December 1713, Östra Fågelvik.
  • Erik, * 28 January 1716, Östra Fågelvik.
  • Stina, * 16 July 1718, Östra Fågelvik.
  • Kjerstin, * 24 January 1721, Östra Fågelvik.
  • Cajsa, * 11 June 1723, Östra Fågelvik.
  • Anders, * 20 November 1726, Östra Fågelvik.

    Children with Måns Johansson:

  • Staffan, * 16 March 1733, Östra Fågelvik.

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