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Malin Aumundsdotter

She was born, most likly in 1723, in Bro parish, Värmlands county.

Later she married Per Einardsson. In 1744 they lived at W Bråten in Bro parish, Värmlands county.

Later the family moved to the farm Åstorp in Eds parish, Värmlands county. According to the churchbooks they were living in Åstorp in 1764.

Before the year 1777 they moved to the farm Dalen under Västra Segmon in the same parish.

In November 30 1783 she died from "hasty fever", at an age of 60. At her death she lived on the farm Dalen in Eds parish.

  • Annika, * 5 September 1744, Bro.
  • Amund, * 1752, most likely Ed.
  • Einnard/Lennart, * 1761, most likely Ed.
  • Nils, * 21 May 1764, Ed.

    This information about their children may not be complete.

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