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Jean Olofsson

He was born in 1721, in Bro parish, Värmlands county, most likely on one of the farms in Stirserud. His parents were the farmer Olof Pehrsson and his wife Maria Jeansdotter.

In 1750 he married Margareta Christophersdotter.

According to the Church books, which for Bro parish starts in the year of 1751, they lived at that time on one of the farms in Stirserud. At that time his parents and his brother Pehr and his family also lived on the farm.

Later he changed his name and just called himself Jan Olsson. His oldest son Jan took over the farm when he got old.

He lived on Stirserud until his death on August 16 1804, 83 years old. He died from "ageweakness" and was buried on August 19.

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