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Axel Gustafsson

Axel was born on January 21 1866 at the farm Buda in Eds parish, Varmlands county. At this time his father, Gustaf Andersson, was working as a farm-servant at Buda. His mother was Christina Olsdotter

Ten years old he and his family moved from Buda to the croft Karlslund under Stensberg in Bro parish, where his fater became a crofter.

When he was 18 years old it was time for him to earn a living. On October 26 1884 Axel left home and stared working as a farmhand at
the farm Gopefjell in Eds parish. Here he stayed for one year.

The following year, 1885, he moved on to the farm Uddersrud in the same parish. Here he got a job for the owner Carl Fredrik Segerlind. At Uddersrud he stayed for two years.

Exactly what happened the time after Uddersrud is a little unclear. According to the churchbooks for the years 1886 - 1890, he is listed under "Vagabonds" in Eds parish. It is also written that he worked at Uddersrud until 1887 and that he on July 14 1888 got a certificate to move to Karlstad. If he moved there or stayed in Eds parish is not known.

It was also written that he had "asked to have the banns published on February 2 1889, for a marriage to Maria Katarina Larsdotter p.110". P.110 givs us the information that Katarina was listed in the same churchbook on page 110, the farm Kollerud.

On March 5 1889 Axel, "the farmhand from Uddersrud", got married to Katarina, "from Kollerud". The were the fifth couple to marry in Eds parish that year. Where they settled after the wedding is not known. We do know that Axel and Katarina on November 6 the same year, 1889, moved to the farm Stensberg in Bro parish. At Stensberg Axel got a job as a worker. Here they stayed for five years.

On December 1 1894 the family moved back to Eds parish. They moved to one of the farms in Kollerud where Axel got a job as a worker. The family was at that time four persons big, Axel and Katarina, and also the two children Karl Ivar, 4 years, and Gerda Hildegard, 1 year.

On what farm in Kollerud they lived during this period is not known. Axels father-in-law Lars Bengtsson and his family also lived on one of the farms in Kollerud. His farm was more a like a croft and was called Slåttbråten. Maybe they moved in to the farm of his father-in-law.

On April 2 1897 Axel and his wife bought the farm Slåttbråten. The owner of the farm was his brother-in-law Johan Larsson.

By the time their third child, the daughter Ellen Augusta, was born on October 2 1898, Axel is listed as "Owner Kollerud" inte the church books.

Axel and Katarina infront of the croft Slåttbråten at Kollerud in Eds parish, Värmlands county.
The picture is taken around 1915 and produced as a postcard.

In July 1900 when their last child was born, the daughter Astrid Karolina, they still lived at Slåttbråten. His parents-in-law aswell as his wifes Katarinas sister Augusta were also living there at that time.

The family lived at Slåttbråten until 1916. That year Axel bought the farm Säter in Alsters parish, Värmlands county. The family moved to Sater on April 1st.

He owned Sater for 13 years, until 1929, when he had to sell the farm. Axel had helped a fiend with financing and now the friend turned bankrupted. The only solution was to sell Säter.

When they on April 4 1929 left Säter, Axel moved to his daugther Ellen and her husband Gunnar in Mosstorp, in the same parish. His wife Katarina moved to their daughter Astrid and her husband Artur Jansson in Ulvsby, also in Alsters parish.

Later the same year Axel bought a farm in Västra Ämterviks parish, Värmlands county. There he stayed for one year.

Axel lived for the rest of his life in Mosstorp and died on March 20 1937, 71 years old.

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