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Eric Löf

He was born on April 12, 1749, in Harvik in Dannemora parish, Uppsala county.

He had, in his early days, worked for a short time in Funbo parish, but did later return to his parents. His parents had, while he was away, moved from Harvik to the soldiers' croft on Kaggbols properties in Dannemora parish.

In the beginning of the 1770's he was married to Maria Smedberg from Film's parish, Uppsala county. After the marriage they came to live on Kaggbols properties. Like many other men in the area, Eric worked in the mines as a minehand. Some time in the years between 1791 - 1795 his wife died and Eric became a widower.

In the year 1795 Eric remarried, this time to Britta Andersdotter from Gruvan in Dannemora. In his first marriage, Eric had four children. In his second he had five more.

He died on March 27, 1808. He was 59 years old and died from fever.

Children with his second wife, Britta Andersdotter:
  • Britta Elisabeth, * 10 August 1796, Dannemora. 1)
  • Greta, * 10 January 1798, Dannemora.
  • Anders, * 5 February 1800, Dannemora.
  • Christina, * 20 June 1801, Dannemora.
  • Ulrika, * 13 March 1804, Dannemora.

    1) Married to Anders Wahlström, son of Per Wahlström and Britta Andersdotter Buss.

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