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Olof Nilsson

Olof was born on December 21 1795 on one of the farms in former Hässelskogs parish, now Edsleskogs parish, Älvsborgs county.

His life before 1815 is not yet known.

In 1815 he worked as a farm-hand on the farm Säter in Åmåls parish, Älvsborgs county. There he stayed until September 20 1816, when he moved back to Hässelskogs parish. There he got a job as a farm-hand on the farm Karsbydalen. There he stayed in Karsbydalen for three years.

In 1819 he moved to Tösse parish, Älvsborgs county. He started working as a farm-hand on the farm Klockarebohl. There was also his wife-to-be, Stina Bryngelsdotter, working as a maid-servant. The following year Stina moved from Klockarebohl to the fram Strömsberg in the same parish. Olof stayed as a farm-hand in Klockarebohl.

On July 7 1822 they got married in Tösse church. At that time they were still both working in Tösse parish, Olof in Klockarebohl and Stina in Strömsberg. By the time of their marriage Stina was pregnant with their first child, Carl Magnus. He was later born in November the same year. Maybe that was the reason they got married.

After the wedding they both moved to Ånimskogs parish, Älvsborgs county, and the croft Åsröjningen under the farm Åsen. There they lived the following years.

From 1826 they lived on the farm Åsen in Ånimskogs parish. Åsen was owned by Maria Nilsdotter, most likely Olofs sister. The family lived in Åsen until 1829 as they moved to the croft Pettersburg under Vassviken, in the same parish.

They lived in Pettersburg until 1837. In that year they moved to the farm Skållebyn in the same parish.

In 1856 all the children had left home and Stina and Olof were living alone in their little house on Skållebyns properties. In 1856, it is also noted that he worked as a carpenter. He worked as a carpenter until 1865.

He lived on Skållebyns properties for the rest of his life and died on January 16 1870, 74 years old. He was buried on January 21.

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