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Brita Svensdotter

Brita was born on March 20 1760. Where she was born is not yet known, nor the names of her parents.

In 1782 she served as a maid on the farm Västra Villanda in Tösse parish, Älvsborgs county.

In the same year and on the same farm a boy named Bryngel Bryngelsson served as a farmhand. He was to be her husband. They got married on October 28 1783 in Tösse parish.

Two days after the wedding, on October 30 1873, their frist child was born, their son Jonas.

In the following year, 1784, they moved together on the farm Västegården in Ånimskogs parish, Älvsborgs county. Three yeras later, in 1789, they were crofters on the farm Torp in the same parish. They lived there until 1797.

In 1797 they moved to the croft Mouskog in the same parish. There they lived until 1819 when they moved to the croft Tegelbruket in the same parish and the following year to the croft Hamburg. The croft Hamburg was farmed by their son Jonas Bryngelsson and his family.

For a short period, between 1800 - 1805, her mother-in-law, Anna Månsdotter, who at that time was a widdow, lived with the them in Mouskog.

In 1821 they moved back to the croft Mouskog that by the time was farmed by their daughter Lisa Bryngelsdotter and her husband Erik Svensson. They had moved into Mouskog from the city of Vänersborg the same year.

On August 10 1822 she died at the croft Mouskog in Ånimskogs parish, Älvsborgs county, at an age of 62. She was buried on August 18 1822.

  • Jonas, * October 30 1783, Tösse. † July 10 1786, Ånimskog.
  • Magnus, * April 3 1786, Ånimskog.
  • Jonas, * January 8 1789, Ånimskog.
  • Lisa, * July 30 1793, Ånimskog.
  • Anna, * January 26 1797, Ånimskog. † februari 14 1797, Ånimskog.
  • Stina, * May 21 1798, Ånimskog.
  • Anna, * November 1 1801, Ånimskog.

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