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Ingeborg Jansdotter

Ingeborg was born in 1760. It is not known where she was born nor what date.

In 1778 she moved in to Eds parish, Värmlands county, to serve as a maid for the farmer Matts Ersson on the farm Körsvik. She came from the farm Gäddevik, most likely in Bro parish, Värmlands county.

She stayed with Matts Ersson on Körsvik until the following year, 1779. Then she moved to serve as a maid on one of the farms in Kollerud, in the same parish, owned by Swen Olsson. In Kollerud she stayed for two years then she returned to Matts Ersson in Körsvik where she came to stay for two more years. In 1783 she moved on to the farm As in the same parish, to work for Bengt Larsson.

In 1785 she moved once again, now to the farm Stora Häggvik in the same parish and to serve as a maid for Olof Olsson. The following year it was time to move again, this time to one of the biggest farms in the parish, to the farm Segmon. There she served as a maid for the Major Carl Fredrik Uggla.

On the farm Segmon she stayed until 1788. The same year she moved in with her fomrer husband Anders Christophersson, on one of the farms in Kollerud in the same parish.

The same year, on December 26, a friday, they were married in Eds church.

Ingeborg lived in Kollerud for the rest of her life and died, only 44 years old, on May 25 1804. She was buried on May 29.

  • Britta, * 5 November 1789, Ed.
  • Maria, * 3 October 1791, Ed.
  • Kjerstin, * 20 August 1793, Ed.
  • Christopher, * 5 July 1796, Ed.
  • Stina, * 16 march 1799, Ed. † 20 October 1800, Ed.
  • Stina, * 18 August 1801, Ed.

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