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Brita was born ca 1650 in Dannemora parish, Uppsala county. The names of her parents are not known.

Around 1675 she married the Mine-Hand and Parish constable Nils Larsson from Bossarby in Dannemora parish. After the wedding she moved to Bossarby.

Brita and her daughters worked on their little farm and her husband and their sons worked in Dannemora mine.

The family was very religious. In 1686 the took the Holy Communion four times, which was very rare in that period. Neither Nils, Brita or the children could read or write.

The oldest son Erik, married to Anna, took over the farm as his father died.

She died in the month of june in 1690 on Sörgården in Bossarby, Dannemora parish. She was buried on July 2.

  • Erik, * before 1686, Dannemora.
  • Annika, * before 1686, Dannemora.
  • Karin, * ca 1688, Dannemora.
  • Anders, * 1690, Dannemora.
  • Cherstin, * ca 1691, Dannemora.

    If she had any more children is not known.

    Comments: The story is based on information from Annelie Häggkvist from the city of Sala, who also is related to Brita. More information about Annelie Häggkvists branch on the page about Karin Andersdotter, born 1682.

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