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Hans Olsson

Hans was born around the year 1540, most likely on the farm Bossarby Sörgården in Dannemora parish, Uppsala county. The names of his parents are not known.

In 1590 Bossarby Sörgård, "6 öresland" big, was owned by Hans Olsson and he was married to Maritt.

At this time Bossarby had two farms, Sörgården (The southern farm) and Norrgården (The northern farm). Norrgården was owned by Matts Christoffersson.

In the 14th century all people in Bossarby died from the plague. Many years later people moved in to Bossarby and, most likely, they were the ancestors to both Matts Christoffersson in Norrgården and to Hans Olsson in Sörgården.

Besides beeing a farmer he also was a soldier in the Swedish army. He was a horseman.

He died around 1595 in Sörgården in Bossarby in Dannemora parish. In 1596 his wife Maritt was the owner of the farm.

Comments: The story is based on information from Annelie Häggkvist from the city of Sala, who also is related to Hans Nilsson. Her information is based on the story of the Vicar Magnus Petris family by A. G. Holmkvist from 1933. More information about Annelie Häggkvists branch on the page about Karin Andersdotter, born 1682.

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