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Eric Nilsson Lööf

He was born in the month of September in 1713, most likely in Dannemora parish, Uppsala county.

In the year 1735, he was married to Catharina Nilsdotter in Dannemora church. She came from Kaggbol in Dannemora parish. In the weddingbook it is noted that his name was Eric Nilsson Ekelöf. Later it was shortened to Eric Lööf.

On March 28 1743 he enrolled to be a soldier in the Royal Uplands Regement. He was at that time given the soldiers croft nr 2 - Harvik in Dannemora parish.

In 1757 he retired from his profession as a soldier and the family most likely moved to the soldiers' croft on Kaggbols properties. There they lived in 1765 with Johan Kagg's widdow and her daughter. Eric was then titled the "older soldier".

He lived on Kaggbols properties until his death on March 4, 1777. He was 63 years old when he died of consumption.

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