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Andreas Thoreri

From Skara dioceses books - Perpetual curates in Lena parish.

"2. Andreas Thoreri, was .prästvigd...... in 1637 and Perpetual curate in Lena 1645: was asked by the people in the parish to be vicar in 1654; but "as the bishop had promised count G. A. Lewenhaupts royal priest Mich Riddelius the same posistion, nothing could be done to change that" Mr Anders got as .ersättning..... the tax from Fullestads parish. He died 1681. The children called themselves Lenberg. Brita, m. t. Perpetual curate And. Hodhelius in Falköping. Maria, b. 1663 dead 1728. m. 1:o m. police And. Hodell, 2:o m. Harald Andersson. Thore, Perpetual curate here. Olof, worked in Göteborg."

Nothing is noted about his wife in the Dioceses books. Below is the information from the dioceses books for his son Tore.

Ur Skara stifts Herdaminnen - Kyrkoherdar i Lena pastorat.

"15. Thore Lenberg, son af kommin Andr. Thoreri i Lena, född 1650; blef stud. i Ups. 1677 och prestv. 1678 till sin faders adjunkt; befordrades efter honom till kommin. i Lena 1682; kyrkoh. derst. 1692; oppon. vid prestm. s. å.; respond. 1695, pred. 1699. Död 1703. Gisft m. Christina Riddelius, företrädarens dotter. Barn: Beata, g. m. D. Hodell, past. i Amnehärad. Brita, g. m. And. Mellgren och N Haqvinius, kommin. härstädes. Michael lefde 1706. Cajsa lefde 1709. Nils, stud i Lund 1705."

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