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Catharina Eskilsdotter

Catharina was born in 1740 in Brunskogs parish, Värmlands county. The names of her parents are not yet known.

In 1782, she was living with her husband Sven Andersson, in Karlstad in Värmlands county where he worked as a stableman at the distillery in Karlstad.

In 1809, she was already a widow and that year she moved to live with her daughter Britta and family at Gunneruds Mill in Alsters parish, Värmlands county. Her daughter's husband, Jonas Nyström, worked as a nail smith at Gunneruds Mill. At the time she moved to live with her daughter she came from Grums parish in Värmlands county.

Later that year, in December 1809, her daughter Britta died. She may have died of complications after the birth of her last child in September that year. After the death of her daughter, Britta, Catharina stayed with of her son-in-law´s family at Gunneruds Mill.

The following year, in December 1810, her son-in-law remarried the maid Annika Eriksdotter from the farm Mosserud in Nedre Ulleruds parish, Värmlands county. In 1811, he left his job as a nail smith at Gunneruds Mill and moved to his new wife's home in Mosserud where he became the owner of the farm.

In the following year, 1812, Catharina also moved from Gunneruds Mill to Mosserud to stay with her son-in-law's family. She lived in Mosserud for the rest of her life and died on July 22, 1813, 73 years of age.

  • Britta, * March 12 1782, Karlstad.

    If she had more children is not known.

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