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Britta Svensdotter

Britta was born on March 12, 1782, in Karlstad, Värmlands county. Her parents were the stableman at the distillery in Karlstad Sven Andersson and his wife Catharina Eskilsdotter.

In 1802 she served as a maid at Gunneruds Mill in Alsters parish, Värmlands county. In September that year, 1802, she married the smith master at Gunneruds Mill, Jonas Nyström. No exact date for their marriage is noted in the church books. Later that year, 1802, they moved to Nyeds parish and the farm Fernsviken from where her husband had come before he moved to Gunnerud.

The following year, 1803, they once again moved to Gunneruds Mill in Alsters parish. Her husband's profession by that time was "Nail smith master". His brother Lars Bengtsson also lived within the family at Gunneruds Mill. In 1808 he moved on to Älvsbacka parish, Värmlands county.

In 1809 her mother, the widow Catharina Eskilsdotter moved in with her family in Gunnerud. She came from Grums parish, Värmlands county.

Later that year, on December 18, 1809, she died at only 27 of age. She died from "fewer". She may have died of complications after the birth of her last child in September that same year. She was buried on Christmas Eve, December 24.

  • Johannes, * May 26 1803, Nyed.
  • Maria Lisa, * October 14 1805, Alster.
  • Hindric, * January 28 1808, Alster. † April 1 1808, Alster.
  • Bengt Fredrik ,* September 28 1809, Alster. † December 23 1809, Alster.

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