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Britta Månsdotter

She was born on April 30 1719. Most likely she was born on the farm Qvarntorp in Nedre Ulleruds parish, Värmlands county. Here parents were the farmer Måns Andersson and his wife Kjerstin Jonasdotter.

Two years later, in 1721, her parents were living on the farm Rosendal in Nedre Ulleruds parish. Around the year 1726 the family moved to the farm Nolsjö in the same parish.

On October 21 1744 she married the farmhand Nils Bengtsson from Mölnbacka in the same parish. At the time of her marriage she was 25 years old.

After the death of her husband in 1771, she stayed on the farm that now had been taken over by their daughter Ingeborg and her husband Anders Nilsson. According to the chruch books she stayed in Nolsjö until 1790. After that she is not to be found in the church books until 1802.

In 1802 she once again lived with her daughter Ingeborg in Nolsjö.

Britta died from ageweakeness on Nobvember 3 1804 in Nolsjö. She was buried on November 18.

  • Ingeborg, * 14 November 1745, Nedre Ullerud.
  • Britta, * 23 August 1748, Nedre Ullerud.
  • Bengt, * 12 April 1751, Nedre Ullerud.
  • Lisa, * 27 June 1753, Nedre Ullerud.
  • Anders, * 2 December 1755, Nedre Ullerud.
  • Karin, * 10 August år 1758, Nedre Ullerud.
  • Måns, * 17 May 1762, Nedre Ullerud. † 30 October 1771, Nedre Ullerud.
  • Stina, * 3 November 1765, Nedre Ullerud.

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