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Lisken Larsdotter

When and where she was born is not known.

By the time of her marriage to Elias Andersson from Prästgården in Alsters parish, Värmlands county, on November 22 in the year of 1708, she was working as a maid in the city of Karlstad, Värmlands county. Most likely she moved to her husband at Prästgården after the marriage.

The exact date when Lisken died in not known. After her husband died in the year of 1728, it is most likely that she moved to the farm Tällerud in the same parish. In the churchbooks it is written in the year of 1732, that Lisken from Tällerud had died. If this was Lisken Larsdotter is not verified.

  • Maria, * 26 November 1709, Alster.
  • Margareta, * 9 July 1713, Alster.
  • Lisken, * 24 October 1716, Alster.
  • Lisa, * 10 March 1719, Alster.

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