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Britta Månsdotter

She was born in the year of 1680, most likely in Alsters parish, Värmlands county.

As she had her son Måns in 1713 she was already married to Per Jonsson and lived on the farm Hösserud in the same parish. When or where they married is not known.

In the year 1721 the family had moved to the farm Hasselbol in Alsters parish. She lived in Hasselbol until she died, 80 years old, on February 10 1761. She was buried on February 24.

  • Britta, birthdate unknown, Alster.
  • Måns, * 16 November 1713, Alster.
  • Jonas, * 14 May 1716, Alster.
  • Ingebor, * 4 October 1722, Alster.
  • Olof, * 24 September 1725, Alster.

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