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Ingebor Pärsdotter

Ingebor was born on the farm Hasselbol in Alsters parish, Värmlands county, on October 4 1722. Her parents were the farmer Per Jonsson and his wife Britta Månsdotter.

On November 9 in 1746 she married the farmhand Nils Nilsson from the farm Bjurerud in the same parish. They were married in the church by "Magister Olof Fryxell". As a wedding gift she got 50 lod of silver. After the wedding her husband moved to her home in Hasselbol. In 1753 the whole family moved to her husbands fathers farm in Bjurerud. ngebor and Nils had five children. In Jaunary 1760 she became a widdow as her husband died.

In November 1761, she married for the second time. Her new husband was Olof Svensson from the farm Sjöstad also in Alsters parish. This time they married at home in Bjurerud by Mr Johan Vigelius. Olof, who was the son of Swen Jonsson and Kierstin Jonsdotter, moved to Ingebor in Bjurerud after the wedding. Ingebor and Olof had three children.

Ingebor died, at an age of 87, in late April or early May in the year of 1810. She was buried on May 6. She had at that time lived in Bjurerud for 65 years. Three years later, on December 19 1813, her husband Olof died.

Children with Nils Nilsson:
  • Stina, * 1748, Alster.
  • Britta, * 31 March 1751, Alster.
  • Nils, * 20 October 1752, Alster.
  • Petter, * 20 October 1754, Alster. † 27 October 1754, Alster.
  • Petter, * 6 January 1756, Alster. † 28 October 1760, Alster.

    Children with Olof Svensson:

  • Annika, * 4 August 1762, Alster. 1)
  • Kerstin, * 4 August 1762, Alster. † 21 September 1762, Alster. 1)
  • Sven, * 1764, Alster. † 24 October 1771, Alster.

    1) Twins.

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