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Ingebor Olofsdotter

She was born in 1659, most likely in Alsters parish, Värmlands county.

In the year 1680 she got married to Måns Olofsson. They had three children, whos names and birthdates are not yet known. Her husband died in 1693 and she became a widdow. In the year 1698 she was living at the farm Hasselbol in Alsters parish.

The same year, on November 13 1698, she got married to Jon Larsson from Snarstad in the same parish. Ingebor and Jon had two children.

Ingebor lived in Hasselbol until she died, at an age of 59, on April 8 1718.

  • Jonas, * 16 November 1700, Alster.
  • Kerstin, * 7 June 1706, Alster.

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