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Jon Larsson

Jon was born in 1672 on the farm Snarstad in Alsters parish, Värmlands county. His parents were the farmer Lars Persson and his wife, whos name not yet is known.

On November 13 1698 he married the widdow Ingebor Olofsdotter from the farm Hasselbol in the same parish. At this time he lived on the farm Snarstad. After the wedding he moved to his wife in Hasselbol. After beeing married for 20 years he became a widdower in 1718.

One year later, on June 14 juni 1719, he married again, this time to Kierstin Jonsdotter from Bergstorp in the same parish. In the year 1721 the family lived on the farm Hösserud in Alsters parish.

There he lived until he died, 53 years old, on July 25 1725. After his death, his wife Kierstin remarried the farmhand Sven Pärsson.

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