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Britta Svensdotter

She was born at the farm Sjöstad in Alsters parish, Värmlands county, on July 8 1744. Her parents were the farmer Swen Jonsson and his wife Kierstin Jonsdotter.

19 years old, on October 20 1763, she got married to the farmhand Hindrik Larsson from the farm Bergstorp in the same parish. After the wedding the family settled in Sjöstad.

In June 1783 she became a widdow as her husband Hindrik died. In short she came to marry for the second time. Now to the widdower Anders Månsson, born in 1743 in Grava parish, Värmlands county. When and where they married is not known, but the year 1785 Anders was already living on the farm Sjöstad. He brought a daghter from his earlier marriage, Catharina, born November 11 1771 in Grava parish. Britta ans Anders did not have any children of their own.

Britta lived at Sjöstad until she died, 64 years old, in August 1809. She died from fever and was buried on August 20.

Her husband Anders stayed in Sjöstad until 1812, when he moved to his daugher and her family in Hösserud in the same parish. He died on May 21 1821.

  • Sven, * October 1 1764, Alster.
  • Stina, * October 19 1767, Alster.
  • Lars, * January 15 1771, Alster.
  • Anna, * September 29 1774, Alster. † January 17 1779, Alster.
  • Maria, * September 10 1777, Alster. † January 20 1779, Alster.
  • Anna, * November 2 1780, Alster.

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