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Kierstin Jonsdotter

Kierstin was born on the farm Sjöstad in Alsters parish, Värmlands county, on April 9 1700. Her parents were the farmer Jon Månsson and his wife Britta Ersdotter.

On June 17 1722 she got married to the farmhand Måns Johansson from the farm Forsnäs in Grava parish, Värmlands county. After the wedding Måns moved to Kierstin in Sjöstad. At that time the farm was owned by her father Jon Månsson. Kierstin and Måns had two children.

After beeing married six years, Kierstin became a widdow as Måns died, only 35 years old, on May 26 1728.

The following year, on June 8 1729, she got married for the second time, now to the farmhand Swen Jonsson from the farm Södra Mon in Väse parish, Värmlands county. Also Sven moved, after the wedding, to Kierstin in Sjöstad. Kierstin and Swen had seven children.

Their sons Måns and Olof were later to marry forefathers to Anders Fredrik Magnusson and Christina Pettersdotter. For Måns, see Ingeborg Jansdotter, and for Olof, see Ingebor Pärsdotter.

In May 1783 she became widdow for the second time ans her husband Swen died.

She stayed on the farm Sjöstad, that had been taken over by her daughter Britta and her family, until she died, 84 years and 7 months old, on November 22 1785. She was buried on December 4.

Children with Måns Johansson:
  • Jonas, * birthdate unknown, Alster.
  • Catharina, * 3 December 1725, Alster.

    Children with Swen Jonsson:

  • Jonas, * 30 May 1730, Alster.
  • Måns, * 18 November 1732, Alster.
  • Olof, * 18 October 1735, Alster.
  • Erland, * 16 January 1739, Alster.
  • Lars, * 14 January 1741, Alster.
  • Britta, * 8 July 1744, Alster. 1)
  • Peter, * 8 juli 1744, Alster. † 22 March 1746, Alster. 1)

    1) Twins

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