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Christopher Jansson

He was born in 1734. It is not know what day he was born nor where.

By the time he, on October 23 1757, married the maid Maria Olofsdotter from the farm Maloga in Eds parish, Varmlands county, he worked as a farmhand on one of the farms in Kollerud in the same parish. As morning-gift he gave his wife 15 Riksdaler silver. After the wedding Maria moved to Christopher in Kollerud.

In the church-books for Eds parish, which starts the years 1777, he is a farmer on one of the farms in Kollerud. On the farm were also living the widdow Karin Nilsdotter who most likely was his mother.

Christopher died three years later, only 46 years old, on August 6 1780. He was buried on August 13. He died from yellow jaundice.

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