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Nils Bryngelsson

Nils was born, on February 16 1696, at one of the farms in Lene in Frykeruds parish, Varmlands county. He was the son of the farmer Bryngel Håkansson and his wife.

About 1725 he married Ingrid Börjesdotter. They did not marry in Frykeruds parish and it is not known where they married.

Later Nils took over the farm after his father and here he came to live for the rest of his life.

About 1740 his wife died and he became a widdower. On March 25 1741 he remarried. This time to the widdow Lisken Olofsdotter, who also lived in Lene.

Lisken, who was born on April 27 1709, was 13 years younger than Nils. She got as a morning-gift "10 lod of silver" and the wedding was held in the church in Frykerud.

Nils had seven children in his first marriage. With his second wife, Lisken, he also had seven children: Olof, born April 23 1743, died before 1745, Ingrid, born March 15 1744, Olof, born June 2 1745, died July 24 1752, Måns, born March 19 1747, Swen, born November 21 1748, Karin, born April 23 1752 and Marit, born May 11 1754.

Nils died on March 18 1757 at the farm in Lene. He was 61 years old.

Lisken stayed at the farm that after the death of Nils. The farm was then taken over by the son Sven and his wife Britta Jonsdotter. She lived on the farm until she died about the year of 1775.

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