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Sven Nilsson

Sven was born on March 4 1727 on one of the farms in Lene in Frykeruds parish, Värmlands county. He was the son of the farmer Nils Bryngelsson and his wife Ingrid Börjesdotter.

Before the year of 1758 he married Britta Jonsdotter. They were not maried in Frykeruds parish but most likely in the parish where his wife came from.

In 1757 they settled on Svens fathers farm in Lene in Frykeruds parish. The same year his father died and Sven became the owner of the farm.

In December 1770 his wife died and he became a widdower. Later Sven remarried to Ingeborg Andersdotter. It is not known where they married nor when. Ingeborg moved to Sven in Lene in the beginning of 1770th.

Later they moved to the farm Gjönäs in the same parish. Here Sven lived for the rest of his life.

Sven died on December 2 1795 on the farm Gjönäs in Frykeruds parish. He was 68 years old by the time he died. He was buried on December 20.

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