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Per Wahlström

He was born in October 5, 1758, at Masungskogen in Valö parish, Uppsala county. His father was the miner Erik Davidsson and his wife Maria Persdotter. He was, like his father, a miner.

He moved, after his marriage, in November 9 1783, to the maid Brita Andersdotter Buss, to her home in Åknarby in Dannemora parish.

It was at this time he and his brother David took the name Wahlström, most likely after their homeparish Valö. Wahlström means as far as I know "the stream in Valö". He also started to work in the Dannemora mines.

He lived in Åknarby until his death on June 24, 1814. He was only 56 years old and died from consumption.

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