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Britta Andersdotter Buss

She was born in Åknarby in Dannemora parish, Uppsala county, on December 22, 1751. Her parents were the minor Anders Andersson Buss and his wife Christina Jansdotter.

She lived with her parents until 1772, when she, 21 years old, took service as a maidservant for Anders Andersson in Budby in Dannemora parish. Later the same year she returned home.

In November 9 1783 she was married in Dannemora church, to Per Wahlström , who was a miner from Valö parish, Uppsala county. They settled in Brita's parents' home in Åknarby.

After her husband's early death in 1814, Brita stayed with both their sons on Åknarby. Their son Eric moved to Films parish in 1818, but Anders, who was married in 1819 to Brita Elisabeth Löf (daughter of Eric Löf), stayed with his mother on Åknarby.

Brita lived on Åknarby until her death on June 2, 1834, when she was 83 years old. She died of ageweakness.

  • Eric, * 25 October 1785, Dannemora.
  • Anders, * 5 October 1788, Dannemora.

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