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Nils Nilsson

Nils was born on October 20 1752 on the farm Bjurerud in Alsters parish, Värmlands county. His parents were the farmer Nils Nilsson and his wife Ingebor Pärsdotter.

In 1772 he moved to the farm Baggetorp in Nedre Ulleruds parish, Värmlands county, to work as a farmhand for the farmer Per Larsson. His wife to come, Karin Nilsdotter, came to the same farm in 1776 to work as as maid.

The same year, in 1776, Nils moved to the farm Småris in the same parish, also to work as a farmhand. In 1778 he returned home to Bjurerud in Alsters parish.

On October 3 1779 he married the maid Karin Nilsdotter from the farm Baggetorpet in Nedre Ulleruds parish. The wedding took place in Nedre Ulleruds church. After the wedding Karin moved to her husband at Bjurerud.

Nils, who owned on of the three farms in Bjurerud, let his son Petter take over the farm around the year 1821. Two years earlier, in 1819, he had becam a widdower as his wife had died.

Nils lived in Bjurerud until he died, 76 years old, on January 10 1829. He died from ageweakness and was buried in Alsters church on January 25.

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