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Jonas Bengtsson

On February 20 1757 Jonas was born on the farm Bergstorp in Alsters parish, Värmlands county. His parents were the farmer Bengt Larsson and his wife Stina Jonsdotter.

The farm was in the year 1757 owned by his grandfahter Lars Jonsson. Later his father Bengt Larsson took over the farm. Jonas himself became the owner as his father died in 1778.

On November 17 1785 he married Stina Pettersdotter. Stina had spent her childhood at the farm Hösserud just nearby. By the time of the marriage she was living with her parents at the farm Ås in the same parish, to which they resently had moved to.

In the year 1810 it is noted in the churchbooks that Jonas and his family were living at the croft Lindberget under the farm Bergstorp. If it was Lindberget that was their home all the time is not known. In the year 1814 the family moved to the farm Skåhl in the same parish and in 1821 to the farm Ås also in the same parish.

He lived at Ås until he died, 70 years old, on November 20 1827. He was buried on December 2.

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