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Stina Pettersdotter

Stina was born on the farm Hösserud in Alsters parish, Värmlands county, on May 31 1766. His parents were the farmer Petter Pärsson and his wife Ingebor Jansdotter.

At Hösserud she lived until 1785, then the family moved to the farm Ås in the same parish.

At the farm next to Hösserud, the farm Bergstorp, Jonas Bengtsson groved up. On November 17 1785 Stina was married to Jonas in Alsters church. After the wedding she moved to Jonas at Bergstorp.

She and the family lived at Bergstorp until the year 1814. In 1814 they moved to the farm Skåhl in the same parish and in 1821 on to the farm Ås, also in the same parish. In 1827 she became a widdow as her husband died.

She stayed at Ås until 1831. This year she moved to her son Petter and his family at the farm Sjöstad in the same parish and later the same year back to Magnus, who now owned one of the farms there. The following year, 1832, also her son Petter and his family moved to one of the farms at Ås. The same year Stina moved in with Petter and his family.

She came to stay with her son Petter and his family in Ås until she died, at an age of 82, on December 22 1848. By that time she had been a widdow for 21 years. Stina died from "Stroke and ageweakness" and was buried in Alsters church on January 7 1849.

  • Stina, * 15 December 1787,Alster. † 26 May 1808, Alster.
  • Anna, * 15 November 1789, Alster. † before 1790, Alster.
  • Anna, * 20 February 1792, Alster. † 18 January 1806, Alster.
  • Bengt, * 8 March 1794, † 29 January 1809, Alster.
  • Ingeborg, * 5 June 1798, Alster.
  • Petter, * 7 January 1800, Alster.
  • Magnus, * 20 October 1802, Alster.
  • Jonas, * 16 April 1804, Alster.

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