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Ingebor Jansdotter

Ingebor was born, on the farm Ås in Alsters parish, Värmlands county, on March 13 1737. Her parents were the farmer Jonas Månsson and his wife Sara Persdotter.

She was still living in Ås on September 29 1761, as she married the farmhand Petter Pärsson from Hösserud in the same parish. After the wedding she moved to her husband in Hösserud. They had four children together.

In November 1772 she became a widdow. The following year, on December 26 1773, she married again, that time to the widdower Måns Svensson from Bjurerud in Alsters parish. Måns was the son of Swen Jonsson and Kierstin Jonsdotter, on the following Family Tree.

After the wedding, Måns and his son Sven moved to Ingebor in Hösserud. Ingebor and Måns had two children of their own.

During the year 1785 the family moved back to Ingebors fathers farm Ås, where she lived for the rest of her life. She died in 1792. Exact date is not known as the churchbooks for the period 1790 - 1795 are missing.

Children with Petter Pärsson:
  • Jonas, * 18 August 1762, Alster.
  • Bengt, * 25 March 1764, Alster. † 3 September 1772, Alster.
  • Stina, * 31 May 1766, Alster.
  • Sara, * 26 September 1768, Alster.

    Children with Måns Svensson:

  • Petter, * 9 January 1775, Alster.
  • Maria, * 22 March 1777, Alster. † as an infant, Alster.

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