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Annika Andersdotter

She was born on September 24 1766 on the farm Lunkenberg in Bro parish, Värmlands county. Her parents were the farmer Anders Jordansson and his wife Annika Pehrsdotter.

In 1771 the family moved from the farm Lukenberg in Bro parish to the farm Trädgårdstorp in Eds parish, Värmlands county.

She stayed with her parents until 1783, as she started working as a maidservant for her grandparents Per Einardsson and Malin Aumundsdotter on the farm Dalen in Eds parish. The following year, 1784, she moved back to her parents who at that time had moved to the croft Lillerud under Stubbekärnstorp in the same parish.

In the year 1790, on April 15, she had an illegitimate child that was called Lars. The father was said to be Lars Månsson från Valnäs in Kila parish, Värmlands county. During that period she was working as a maid and the child had to stay with her parents on their farm Lillerud in the same parish. Lars later died on October 21 1794.

In 1791 she worked as a maidservant on the farm Buda in the same parish and in 1793 she worked as a maidservant at Segmon, also in Eds parish.

In the year 1795, on December 25, she got married to Lars Olsson, both were at that time working on Segmon. Later they moved to the farm Näs in the same parish.

In 1796 the family moved to the farm Näs in the same parish. There they lived for two years. In 1798 they moved on to the farm Svanhult in Kila parish, Värmlands county.

In early 1803 they returned to Eds parish and the croft Göketorp under Segmon. At the same time her parents, Anders Jordansson and his wife Annika Pehrsdotter , moved in to live with them. Tree years later, 1806, they moved to the croft Dambråten in the same parish. Her father was at that time dead and her mother moved on to the croft Fintorp in the same parish.

Annika Andersdotter died on June 2 1809 at the croft Dambråten in Eds parish. She died from stomach-ache and was buried on June 11. She was said to be "a poor wife".

Children with Lars Magnusson:
  • Lars * 15 April 1790, Ed. † 21 October 1794, Ed.

    Children with Lars Olsson:

  • Annika, * 18 maj 1796, Ed. † 10 juli 1809, Ed.
  • Anders, * 26 April 1798, Ed.
  • Brita, * 24 March 1803, Ed. 1)
  • Olof, * 24 March 1803, Ed. † 22 September 1805, Ed. 1)
  • Olof, * 27 September 1806, Ed. † under 1807, Ed.
  • Kjerstin, * 13 August 1808, Ed.

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