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Anders Larsson

He was born on April 26 1798 on the farm Näs in Eds parish, Värmlands county. His parents were the farmer Lars Olsson and his wife Annika Andersdotter.

Two years later the family moved back to the farm Svanhult in Kila parish, Värmlands county. There they lived undtil 1803, when they moved back to Eds parish and the croft Göketorp, under Segmon. There they lived for three years until 1806. In 1806 they moved to the croft Dambråten in the dame parish.

In 1810, at an age of 12, Anders left his parents home. His father was at that time a widdower since one year. Anders started working as a farmhand on the farm Körsvik in the same parish. He stayed in Körsvik for two years.

In 1812 he moved to the farm Strand in the same parish. Two years later, in 1814, he moved on to the farm Johannesberg, also in Eds parish. During this period he worked as a farmhand.

At Johannesberg he styaed until October 15 1815. Then he moved to the croft Annaberg under Ekholmen, in the same parish, also to work as a farmhand.

On November 15 1818 he married the maidservant Maria Jansdotter. Both at that time workning on the farm Ekholmen in Eds parish. They stayed at Ekholmen until 1821. From the year 1819 he is noted to be a farmservant.

In 1821 the family moved and lived for a short period on the croft Humleviken or Fintorp under Rå and Rörs farm and the same year they moved on to Niklasdal in the same parish. The following year they moved on to the farm Klammen in the same parish.

In 1829 they moved back to Niklasdal and six years later, in 1836, they moved to the farm Göpefjell. Two years later to the farm Ekholmen, both in Eds parish.

During the 1840's they moved to the croft Västra Långviken under Ekholmen. There he became his own crofter.

Anders lived on Västra Långviken until he died on August 12 1867, 69 years old.

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