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Stina Olofsdotter

Stina was born on August 11 1821. She was the third child to the farmer Olof Andersson and his wife Catharina Nilsdotter and she was born on one of the farms in Säldebråten in Frykeruds parish, Värmlands county.

19 years old, in 1840, she left home to start working as a maid, for the farmer Nils Ersson and his wife Brita Olsdotter, on one of the other farms in Säldebråten. The same year, in April, her mother, Catharina Nilsdotter, died.

She worked for Nils Ersson until the following year. Then she moved to another of the farms in Saldebraten and started working as a maid for Swen Brynglesson and his wife Brita Andersdotter. Here she came to stay for four years.

In 1845 she moved to a third farm in Säldebråten. Now to work as a maid for the farmer Sven Christophersson and his wife Lena Persdotter. Here she stayed for six years.

In the month of May in 1850 her father Olof Andersson died and the following year she moved home again.

The following year, on May 2 1852, she left home for good and moved south to Eds parish, still in Värmlands county. In Eds parish she worked as a maid in one of the farms in Kollerud.

During the years 1853 - 1856 she worked as a maid for Anders Olofsson in Kollerud. During this period she met her former husband, the four years younger farmhand Lars Bengtsson. He lived on his fathers farm in Kollerud, called Slåttbråten. On March 9 in 1856 they had their banns published in the church in Eds parish and they were married two weeks later, on March 25. After the wedding she moved to her husband at Slåttbråten in Kollerud. That year Stina was 35 years old and Lars 31.

Stina lived on Slåttbråten for the rest of her life and died, 88 years old, on May 25 1909.

  • Maria Katharina, * 16 February 1857, Ed.
  • Bengt Johan, * 2 September 1859, Ed.
  • Carolina, * 29 August 1863, Ed.
  • Augusta, * 3 June 1867, Ed.

    Descendants to Lars Bengtsson och Stina Olofsdotter.

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