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Jonas Olofsson

Jonas was born on the farm Bjurerud in Alsters parish, Värmlands county, in the year of 1747. The exact date is not known as the churchbooks are gone for this year. His parents were the farmer Olof Bengtsson and his wife Gunilla Svensdotter.

In the year 1751 the family moved to the farm Hasselbol in the same parish. There the family stayed for the following 13 years, until 1764, as they moved back to Bjurerud.

On December 28 1771 he married the 36 year old widdow Greta Olofsdotter from Prästgården in Alsters parish. After the wedding Jonas moved to his wife at Prästgården, where she was living with her four children from her earlier marriage, her daugthers Lisa, Caisa and Maria, and her son Olof.

Two years later Jonas took all his family and moved home to Bjurerud. There he came to stay for the following 13 years.

Jonas died on July 5 1786, at an age of 38. He was buried on July 9.

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