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Måns Andersson Wall

Måns was born in 1682 in Ånskolund, also called "Lunden" (The Grove), in Ånimskogs parish, Älvsborgs county. His parents were the Innkeeper and the member of the Swedish Parliament Anders Månsson Wall and his wife Malin Eriksdotter.

On November 7 1714 he married Elin Eriksdotter, from the farm Slobol in the same parish. At that time he still lived in Lunden. They asked to have the banns published on October 4, 11 and 31. As a morning gift he gave his wife "30 lod silver". After the wedding he moved to his wife in Slobol. There he became a farmer.

In September 1747 his wife Elin died.

The following year, on October 3 1748, he married Kierstin Andersdotter, born around 1648. Their marriage lasted only four years, as Kierstin died on November 17 1752. She was buried on November 29.

The following year, on November 11 1753, he got married for the third time. This time his wife was Ingri Olsdotter, born 1689. That year Måns was 70 years old.

Måns lived in Slobol in Ånimskogs parish until he died on December 28 1761, 79 years old. He died in his sleep and was buried on January 10 1762.

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