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Anders Månsson Wall

He was born in 1638, most likely in Ånimskogs parish, Älvsborgs county.

Anders was a member of the Swedish Parliament and an innkeeper on Ånskolund, also called "Lunden" ("the Grove"), in Ånimskogs parish. He also was a churchwarden in Ånimskogs church.

It is said that he was married 5 times. The first of his wifes that we know by name is Malin Eriksdotter. If she also was his first wife is not known. She died in 1688 and Anders became a widower. Some sources tells that she died in 1690.

Two years later, 1690, he was married to Margareta Svensdotter Falk. Margareta died in 1691 according to the text on his grave in Ånimskogs church, in 1692 according to the judgement book.

Anders next wife was Elin Andersdotter. Her name is known from the text on his grave in Ånimskogs church. It is not known in what year she died.

He married his fourth wife, Karin Andersdotter, after 1704. She was the widdow after the county sheriff from Vedbo administrative county district, Olof Bryngelsson Torpengren, who died around 1704. Karin was born in 1655 and died on July 4 1717 in Lunden.

Anders last wife, Hedvig Stiernborg, he married on February 2 1718. In the churchbook in Ånimskogs parish it is written "1. On 2 februarii, after 3:e previous banns in Wänersborg, marriage was held between the innkeeper Anders Wall and the widdow Hedvich Stiernberge". They had many children. It is said that he got his last child at an age of 80. In 1729 it was written that he had "four living children, small".

It is said that Anders had a total number of 17 children with his five wives.

At the meeting of the Swedish Parliament in 1723, Anders was one of the 10 persons who were to represent the farmers from Älvsborgs county. He was the representant from Tössbo administrative county district, and he was noted as "Wall, Anders Månsson, innkeeper, Lunden. (Ånimskog)", according to Ludvig Mårtenssons "Register of the representatives from the farmers at the meetings of the Swedish Parliament in 1710 - 1800". That time was the only time he was selected as a representant.

During the meeting something happened that made him return home. This was noted in the protokoll that the farmers wrote from the meetings from 1720-1727:

"1723 d. 10 aug.
The farmers met, and the representant from Dalsland and Elfsborgs county Anders Månsson Wall asked for and was given permission to leave for home, he made Måns Erichsson from Wedbo administrative county district and Dahl to his substitute. ...

It is also said that Anders was a wealthy man and among other things he donated the pulpit in Ånimskogs church. On the pulpit there is a small picture haning telling about the life of Anders Wall. It was found in the attic in 1929 when they repaired the inside of the church and was put up on its present place on the pulpit. The picture has the following text:

Anders Wall who has donated this pulpit was an innkeeper from Lund was married five times had 17 children with his wives. Was 82 years old the last time he married and had before he died grandchildren in his last marriage, was 102 years old when he died in 1758.

The note that Anders died in 1758
is wrong, he died in 1738.

[ Foto of the Pulpit ] [ Foto of the Picture ]

In the booklet about the church in Ånimskog it is also written about Anders Wall:

"The pulpit is donated by the churchwarden and innkeeper from Lunds Inn. About his remarkably life tells us the text on the wooden picture hanging on the pulpit. This wooden picture is listed in the inventory list from 1774. The donator of the pulpit Anders Wall is buried in front of the altar under a big sculptured stone slab and its ornamentation has been roughly treated from thease who has seeked consolation from the chalice and the paté, carried their dead ones or gotten married infront of the simple altar rails.".

It is also written about Anders life as an Innkeeper in "The book about Ånimskog". One part of the book tells about Ånskolunds Inn. To go directly to the part written about Anders Månsson Wall, click here.

Anders died in his home in Lunden, Ånimskogs parish, on November 30 1738. He is buried under a big sculptured grave-slab just infront of the altar in Ånimskogs church. Three of his wives are also buried there.

The grave-slab in Ånimskogs church.

Children with Margareta Svensdotter Falk:

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    Children with Elin Andersdotter:

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    Children with Karin Andersdotter:

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    Children with Hedvig Stiernborg:

  • Anders, * October 4 1718, Lunden, Ånimskog.
  • Gabriel, * November 6 1719, Lunden, Ånimskog.
  • Erik, * May 19 1726, Lunden, Ånimskog.

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