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Malin Eriksdotter

When and where she was born is not known. Her parents were the Lay assessor Erik Jonsson and his wife Marit Gullbrandzdotter.

She was married to the Innkeeper and the member of the Swedish Parliament Anders Månsson Wall.

She died in Ånskolund, also called "Lunden" ("the Grove"), in Ånimskogs parish in 1690. She is buried in the church in Ånimskogs beside her husband Anders Månsson Walls under the grave-slab just infront of the altar.

The grave-slab in Ånimskogs church.

  • Gullbrand, * 1675, Ånimskog.
  • Måns, * 1682, Ånimskog.

    If she had any more children is not yet known.

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