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Nils Amundsson

Nils was born on June 17 in 1720. Where he was born is not known.

By the time he, on November 3 1754, married Karin Fredriksdotter from the farm Säldebraten in Frykeruds parish, Värmlands county, he lived at the farm Jansbol in Boda parish, Värmlands county. The wedding ceremony was held in the church in Frykeruds parish and they were dressed in ”weddingclothes”.

After the wedding Nils moved to his wife at Säldebraten and there they settled at her fathers old farm, now owned by Karins Uncle on her fathers, Pär Bengtsson.

By the time Pär Bengtsson died in 1762, Nils took over the farm. He owned the farm until 1792, as he let his daughter Ingeborg and her husband Anders Andersson, take over the farm.

Nils lived at the farm in Säldebraten until his death, 75 years old, on November 3 1797. He died from "gout" and was buried on November 12.

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