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Karin Fredriksdotter

Karin was born, on April 14 1733, at one of the farms in Säldebråten in Frykeruds parish, Värmlands county. She was the daughter to the soldier Fredrik Bengtsson and his wife Karin Pålsdotter.

At an age of eight, in 1741, Karins mother died and two years later also her father died.

Most likely Karin grow up on her fathers farm in Säldebråten that after his death was owned by her Uncle, Pär Bengtsson.

On November 3 1754 she married the farmhand Nils Amundsson from the farm Jansbol in Boda parish. They were married in the parish church in Frykerud and were dressed in "weddingclothes". After the wedding Nils moved to Karin in Säldebråten.

After the death of her Uncle, Pär Bengtsson, in 1762, Karin and Nils took over the farm.

Karin lived on the farm for the rest of her life and died on March 24 1804. At that time she had been an widdow for more than seven years and the farm was taken over by her daughter Ingeborg and her husband Anders Andersson.

At her death she was 70 years and 11 months old. She died from "chestfever" and was buried on April 2.

  • Ingeborg, * 29 November 1755, Frykerud.
  • Marit, * 14 January 1759, Frykerud.
  • Nils, * 23 March 1761, Frykerud.
  • Catharina, * 19 October 1764, Frykerud.
  • Britta, * 9 November 1767, Frykerud.
  • Bengt, * 5 March 1771, Frykerud.

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