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Karin Pålsdotter

It is not known what year and date or where Karin was born. Most likely she was born in the beginning of the 1800th century.

By the time she, on October 13 1728, got married to the farmhand Fredrik Bengtsson, from one of the farms in Säldebråten in Frykeruds parish, Värmlands county, she lived on the farm Kvarntorp in the same parish. In Kvarntorp she served as a maid for the farmer Ferd. Carlsson. The wedding was held on the farm Kvarntorp. As a morning-gift she got ”30 lod of silfver” from her husband.

After the wedding she moved to her husband in Säldebråten and as her husband became a soldier they settled on the farm owned by the Sergeant Bengt Selgqvist.

Karin died in 1741, most likely she was not over 40 years old.

  • Karin, * 14 April 1733, Frykerud.
  • Britta, * 1738, Frykerud.
  • Per * 1740, Frykerud.

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