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Maria Moberg

After their marriage, toward the end of 1808, the minehand Anders Moberg and his wife, Catharina Ersdotter lived at Gisselby property in Dannemora parish, Uppsala county.

In December 30 1809, their first and only child was born. It was a daughter and she was named Maria. She was baptized two days later, on January 1 1810. At the baptizm the following persons were noted as godfathers: "The minehand Per Moberg at Gisselbytorp, the farmhand Jan Jansson from Andersby, Mrs Anna Matzdotter at Gisselbytorp, the maidservant Anna Moberg from Andersby".

Cathatina had, before this marriage, been a widow for five years. She had earlier been married to the minehand Jan Gisselberg. Maria spent her childhood on the farm on Gisselby properties, together with her halfbrother, Eric, who was five years older.

In the year 1813, Maria was vaccinated against smallpox, this according to a notation in the parish catechetical meeting books the same year.

Maria sayed on her parentsl farm until the year 1826, when she, only 15 years old, was to serve as a maidservant. Her first work she got at Andersby and for Anders Larsson, in the same parish. She returned home later the same year, but she moved once again to Anders Larsson two years later. She then stayed as a maidservant for three years.

Four years after her mother's death, in 1827, Maria's father, Anders Moberg, moved from Gisselby properties. He moved to his brother Pehr Moberg who was living on Andersby properties. The reason for this was most likely that her father had become old and maybe a little unable to handle all things by himself. In the year 1829, even Maria moved to Andersby to help her father. Anders Moberg died on July 29, 1833.

The following year Maria was once again in service as a maidservant, this time for the farmer Eric Mårtensson at Gåfsta in Rasbo parish. She didn't stay so long in Rasbo parish and moved the following year, on October 25, 1835, to Film's parish. She started to serve for Eric Adolf Norström at Gruvan (the Mine). She was still in service for him when she, in 1837, met the 24-years-older Eric Wahlström from Söderskogen in the same parish. This man was, later in the same year, to become her husband.

+ During the Fall in 1837, they asked to have the banns published. This was in Film's church on the Sundays of November 5, 12 and 19. The wedding took place in Film's church on December 17. Eric was that year 52 years old and Maria 28.

After their marriage, Maria settled on Söderskogen, where Eric still was living with his three sons. On Söderskogen they were to live together for the next 31 years. Here were also all their children born; Catharina in 1838, Anders in 1841, Maria in 1844, Carl in 1847 and Matts in 1850.

In the year 1854 the family had become rather big, containing of 12 persons. Besides Eric and Maria, all their children lived at home, also two of the sons from Eric's first marriage, Johan and Per Henric. Per Henric had married some years earlier, so his wife and their son were also living there.

From the year 1857, the family starts to splinter. This year the son Johan moved to Dannemora. Per Henric and his family moved to their own house on Söderskogen. Neither of them were ever to return home to Eric and Maria.

In the parish catechetical meeting book in Film's parish for the years 1861 - 1865 Eric was noted as the "retired miner". He had, at the age of 76 years, left his employment in the mine. In the same year, 1861, the first of Eric and Maria's children left home. Their daughter Catharina moved to Waksala parish.

In the year 1867 Carl moved to Dannemora and Maria started to serve as a maidservant. In October the same year, Anders was married to Maria Kjällström, who now moved to Söderskogen.

On March 3, 1868, Eric died in his home on Söderskogen. He had lived for 82 years, and of theese, 50 on Söderskogen. After his death Maria and their sons Matts and Anders, with his family, still lived on Söderskogen. Maria later moved for a short time to Gruvan.

Matts didn't leave Söderskogen until one year later. He left home in the Fall in 1869 and moved to Uppsala. In August the following year, 1870, also Anders left home. He emigrated to America with his wife and their two children.

After Maria's stay at Gruvan she returned in 1876 to Söderskogen. She was to live there for the rest of her life. Maria lived, like Eric, until she was 82 years old. Twenty-four years after her husband's death, she died on May 4, 1892, of pneumonia. She died on Söderskogen, to where her husband had come 64 years earlier.

  • Catharina, * 26 November 1838, Film.
  • Anders, * 13 February 1841, Film. 1)
  • Maria, * 19 June 1844, Film.
  • Carl, * 11 October 1847, Film.
  • Matts, * 25 January 1850, Film.

    1) Emigrated with his family to USA in 1870. Also see Edith Marie Edgar's Family History.

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